22 Accessible Road Trips

Driving Vacations for Wheelers and Slow Walkers

by Candy Harrington

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Billed as the world’s first inclusive road trip book, this detailed resource features 22 driving routes across the United States with information about wheelchair-accessible sites, lodging options, trails, attractions and restaurants along the way. A great read for anyone who wants to hit the road — disabled or able-bodied — 22 Accessible Road Trips captures the diversity of America, with off-the beaten path finds and unique roadside attractions, as well as must-see metropolitan sights in the gateway cities.

Each chapter includes

  • A map illustrating the route
  • Information about sights and attractions in the major stops along the route, along with unique lodging suggestions
  • Details about seasonal road closures, special festivals and events, and the optimal time to drive each route
  • Unique restaurants along the way — not necessarily fine dining, but definitely memorable.
  • Gateway city sights and attractions
  • Information about the gateway city airports, and accessible van rentals in the gateway cities, for folks who want to do a fly-drive trip.
  • Alternate starting points for the route
  • Ideas to customize the route — to make it a longer trip, combine two routes together or even do day trips from the gateway city
  • Essential travel planning resources

A chapter about road trip tips and essential planning resources is also included. Top it off with a foreword by National Geographic’s Christopher Elliott, and over 65 photos by Charles Pannell and you have all the ingredients for a perfect road trip.

Authored by accessible travel guru and self defined road trip junkie, Candy Harrington , 22 Accessible Road Trips is a great resource for anyone who wants to hit the road; from slow walkers and wheelchair-users, to seniors, families and even young couples.

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