In The Book

The first inclusive road trip book, with detailed access information for wheelchair-users and slow walkers on each of the 22 driving routes across the US.

Each Chapter includes:

  • A map illustrating the route
  • Information about sights and attractions in the major stops along the route, along with unique lodging suggestions
  • Details about seasonal road closures, special festivals and events, and the optimal time to drive each route
  • Unique restaurants along the way — not necessarily fine dining, but definitely memorable
  • Gateway city sights and attractions
  • Information about airports and accessible van rentals in the gateway cities, for folks who want to do a fly-drive trip
  • Alternate starting points for the route
  • Ideas to customize the route — to make it a longer trip, combine two routes together or even do day trips from the gateway city
  • Essential travel planning resources

Table of Contents